The Michigan Muscle Car Collision Guarantee

Restoring a classic automobile and repairing your grocery get’er are two very different things. But in many ways very similar.

Here is what we mean by that.

When a classic car arrives we analyze what needs done and begin the search for parts in many cases. That varies with the project of course. But the timeline on a classic restoration is dependent on the availability of parts.  For the mini-van, sedan or work truck we order parts from our local suppliers and they arrive within a day generally. That speeds up the process. We don’t skimp on cheap import parts that come on a slow boat from China! We buy quality parts from local distributors. If an insurance company is involved, they need a look at the vehicle and we know the adjusters and have good relationships with them. So we consider the clock ticking on your personal or work transportation and work hard to turn the job around quickly. The classic cars are a hurry up and wait usually.

We guarantee a fast turnaround at the lowest price available by a licensed shop in Genesee County. The insurance adjusters are constantly amazed at how quick our guys can turn around a car – we are motivated!

Plus! Since we have successfully restored millions of dollars worth of classic cars over the last decade without a problem. Many for clients thousands of miles away! We can honestly guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the repairs we make. We are limited of course to making the repairs as directed by the insurance company, but we can discuss a quote on other non insurance related repairs while it is here. Give us a chance, we won’t let you down!

Vanishing Deductible

To ease the pain of this unexpected expense when you bring your vehicle in from an accident, we offer the Vanishing Deductible!

We will pay your deductible or rent a nice car for you to drive during the repair.