67 Mustang destined for Ridler Competition

by Dave Crabill on November 10, 2014

Building a Ridler Contender at MMC Collision

Carl McCulloch and his crew are no strangers to high standards required for a top show car. They have restored cars that have gone for auction in the mid six figure mark! There isn’t room for error, everything must be perfect.

They were asked to do the body work and paint work for this classic 1967 Mustang that will be at Autorama, just a few months away!

If you are not familiar with the prestigious Don Ridler Award, Don was the first promoter hired by the Michigan Hot Rod Association in the fifties. With Don’s creativity and professional approach in promoting, Autorama was able to grow tremendously, and eventually move to its present home at Cobo Center in 1961. In 1963, Autorama decided to honor Don Ridler, who had prematurely passed away, with an award given in his name.

Originally the award was given to the Best Vehicle shown for the first time. Over the last forty-nine years the award has evolved to better conform to new ideas, changing designs and concepts. Today it emphasizes creativity, engineering and workmanship. Anyone building a vehicle for Ridler competition should post these words on their garage wall. The vehicle that best represents these three areas will win the Ridler Award.

In addition to the above judging guidelines, there are a few hard and fast rules, with no exceptions.

The vehicle must make its first public showing at the Detroit Autorama. Showing the vehicle at any indoor or outdoor show or any unique part of the entry, i.e. frame, engine or body, will make it ineligible for the competition. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about eligibility.

The goal for this ’67 Mustang is to be selected as a Pirelli Tire Great 8 Ridler Finalist, and then take the trophy of course!

Here is a look at the paint and body work being completed by MMC Collision:

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